For further reading: All authors are from an Evangelical background.

The Conditional Immortality Association of New Zealand has excellent information on their website:

For many more articles on the Biblical Doctrine of Conditional Immortality visit:

For a very detailed study, I highly recommend a visit to Hell-Know, Dispelling the eternal torture myth at

For excellent information on Sheol, visit

On a more seminary level, the classic book by Edward Fudge, The Fire that Consumes on Amazon, is also highly recommended (see reviews above).

UPDATE: Edward Fudge  released an updated book on the topic called Hell: A Final Word. It can be found on Amazon. Also, a full length motion picture movie was just made about his life. It is called Hell and Mr. Fudge.

Read the excellent article, The Destruction of the Finally Impenitent, by noted Evangelical scholar Clark Pinnock.